10 extensions for Chrome to get you in the Christmas mood

You will find a festive wallpaper with Christmas trees and the cutest animals, animated snow and not only.

1. Christmas Tree Wallpaper New Tab

Install this plugin, and you will admire beautifully decorated Christmas trees every time you open a new tab. The backgrounds change randomly. In addition to the search bar and bookmarks, a clock is displayed, as well as simple notes and a to-do list.

2. Christmas – Holiday Season HD Wallpapers

With this extension in all new tabs you will have mesmerizing holiday wallpapers of Christmas and Christmas themes. The most visited pages, quick access to bookmarks, as well as the clock, weather and search bar are all useful.

3. Christmas Puppies & Kittens Wallpapers NewTab

An uninterrupted source of cuteness in the form of cute kittens and puppies in Christmas decorations and costumes that will delight the eye and lift your spirits as you open new pages. In addition, the clock, search bar, shortcuts to popular sites, as well as apps, quick notes, and to-do lists are displayed.

4. New Year Countdown Wallpaper HD Custom NewTab

Another new tab decoration that’s sure to please anyone who’s partial to fireworks. The backdrop of breathtaking fireworks displays a countdown to the new year, a clock, and other useful information. There is also an almost real animated snow on the page.

5. White Christmas Countdown HD Wallpapers Theme

After installing this extension, the new browser tabs will transform bright festive backgrounds with soft and fluffy snow. You can admire them, but there are also useful features: weather forecast, clock and list of most visited pages.

6. ANIMATED Christmas Countdown Wallpaper Theme

Unlike the previous ones, this plugin adds fully animated scenes with falling thick snow, glowing garlands and swaying rowan berries to the new tabs. Useful additions include a clock and quick to-do lists.

7. New Year Countdown 2021 Celebration

Another day counter with multifaceted themed backgrounds. Images of decorated cities, sparkling sparklers and champagne will brighten up your workday and create a festive atmosphere.

8. Let it snow!

This plug-in is designed especially for those who are unlucky with the weather or who simply want snow in their browsers, not only outside their windows. On all open pages the extension adds falling flakes, which will collect in a small snowdrift at the bottom of the screen. Snowfall is turned on and off by clicking on the icon in the toolbar.

9. Fireplace HD Wallpapers New Tab Theme

An extension that will add fireplaces with blazing flames to all new pages. Nothing will prevent you from admiring the cozy interiors: only links to the most visited pages, clock and weather will be displayed.

10. Christmas Quotes

With this plugin in every new tab a nice holiday photo with a Christmas quote or wish-card, if you like. The page also has the bare minimum you need: a search bar, a clock, and a list of popular sites.