10 mistakes in bed that he will not forgive

Relationships between a man and a woman are often like walking on a tightrope over the precipice: you always need to keep a balance and in no case make mistakes. It’s the same with sex: you do not want to ruin the relationship – try to make fewer mistakes. The most important mistake is shyness and fear of intimacy. If you do not love your body, do not trust it, then the man you do not trust all the more, and he feels it perfectly well. The principle also works in the opposite direction: even the most noticeable women’s flaws and shortcomings can override sexual looseness. Another serious mistake is to do things in bed that a man does not like. Especially if these actions somehow hurt his masculinity, or experiments for which he is not morally ready. Our author has collected another 10 very common mistakes in bed, which women make and men do not forgive.


This is one of the main mistakes in sex that women make. Fake orgasms, fake passionate moans, rolling your eyes in pleasure – you’re not in a Tinto Brass movie, are you? And he’s not a 15-year-old kid listening to your acting talent. By the way, more experienced men can easily spot these “actresses. They know that in addition to screams and cramps, orgasm has a number of quite physiological signs. For example, the contraction of the vaginal muscles, which is quite difficult to learn to imitate. But most importantly, why?

Comparison with another man

It is better never to do this, and even more so in bed. Especially if the comparison is not in favor of the real partner. But even if you, trying to avoid mistakes in bed, passionately whispered that no man has never given you such pleasure, then be prepared for the most negative reaction. Well what man likes what you think about his ex-boyfriends, and even a comparative analysis is carried out? Imagine that you businesslike shake your chest and add: “My ex-girlfriends weren’t as firm!”

Bitter truth

“Oh, my God, you’re so small!”; “You looked more muscular in your shirt!”; “I don’t get it, do you need so little?”; “Have you ever done this before?” These are just some of the phrases that will help you get rid of your partner in short order. But if the owner of the “little one” has a very big heart that you love and appreciate, then keep your mouth shut. Or better yet, find a reason to praise him.

Outside talk

Remember the movie “What Women Want?” There the hero Mel Gibson “heard” the thoughts of his partners, and not always these thoughts were about what was happening in bed. Your man is unlikely to have such superpowers, and he does not need to know that you have not yet switched from work stuff, or make a list in your mind the products that need to buy in the store. So even if you suddenly remembered something very important, or just now saw that the chandelier long time ago should be changed, do not tell your partner about it. In such a situation, it is likely that he will not appreciate your economic zeal.


On the one hand, men like it when they have to conquer us, to come, see, win. When they are in charge and decide everything themselves. But on the other hand, they prefer active partners who take the initiative. Have any relationship with the “logs” like only quite amateurs. So do not hesitate to be active and do not forget that sex is an activity for two, and not an effort on the part of one.

Excessive activity

And this is the other extreme of the previous mistake in bed. If you burst every thirty seconds to change the position, offering right now to move from the couch to the window sill, and not having reached the window sill fall to the floor, taking your favorite, then you run the risk of overdoing it. Variety in sex – a good thing, but do not turn it into a run on the obstacle course, otherwise your man may prematurely withdraw from the race.

Embarrassment about your own body

We’ve already mentioned this mistake in sex, but it’s so common that we want to draw your attention to it one more time. According to statistics, 90% of women are unhappy with their bodies. And this huge figure includes even the most beautiful, slim and young girls. And when we are alone with a man, naked, without underwear or a masking skirt cut, it seems to us that the world is falling apart. Now he will see my ugly belly, fat ass, ugly breasts, protruding collarbones, mole, scar (underline) will turn around and go away. And begins requirements to turn off the light, attempts to wrap up in a sheet, and especially ingenious still and manage to put on your favorite blindfold. And men, meanwhile, as we know, “love with their eyes”. They need to view all the “treasures” that we hide from prying eyes, and save only for them. In addition, your large butt, he may consider your greatest asset, and the remaining scar from childhood – a highlight, and wants to look at this beauty more often. Depriving him of this pleasure is one of the biggest mistakes in sex.

Taking care solely of your own pleasure

Usually this mistake in sex is attributed to men. It is believed that they are the ones who are fixated on their own pleasure and after orgasm, they turn away to the wall and fall asleep. But, as it turns out, there are also many women who are sexually selfish. After getting their own, they lose all interest in the partner, and at best just let him finish what he started. Some may even stop the sexual intercourse, because they do not see any point in continuing it. And this is something that normal men will not tolerate.

Conceal their illnesses

This is a very serious mistake that not only the man can not forgive, but also the court. Of course, we are not talking about the runny nose and kidney stones. In 2010, German singer Nadja Benaissa was sentenced to two years of probation for spreading HIV. HIV is, of course, an extreme case. But even if you have infections that seem insignificant to you, be honest. Otherwise, your silence may lead to the very real human tragedy. And don’t forget about condoms!


Silence is valued only during interrogation in enemy captivity, or at the table with the gossip girls. But in bed it is better to give signs of life. Rarely will a man enjoy sex with a silent mermaid. If you want to scream, then scream. If you want to moan, moan. Some even like obscene language and name-calling. Why not, if it suits both? You do not want to make a loud noise – whisper soft words in your beloved’s ear. The main thing is that you should do all this sincerely. Otherwise – see point one.

What mistakes do you think we forgot about? Write about them in the comments.