10 things you should stop buying: the opinions of Web users

An interesting new trend has appeared on Reddit. It discusses items and services that you should have stopped paying for a long time ago. We’ve selected some of the most popular responses.

1. “Online IQ tests. If there was ever a way to fail an IQ test, it would be to buy it online,” theoceanisdeep

2. “Animals you’re not willing to take care of for the rest of their lives,” – mcontant

3. “Brightly colored trinkets for children’s parties. I’m not talking about colored pencils, paper plates and other really necessary things for the party (and things you can use later), but disposable plastic trash featuring cartoon characters. This creates an incredible amount of waste, and only gets a child’s attention for a couple of hours.”-Kinetikat

4. “Glitter! All kinds of glitter and sequins that are just everywhere these days, especially in kiddie craft kits. They’re hard to get rid of at home, and they’re microplastics that go down the drain and settle in the ocean.” – candidlycait

5. “Detox teas and any other products whose packaging claims to help get rid of toxins. If your body can’t handle it on its own, then you need a kidney or liver transplant, not tea.” – TheBereWolf

6. “Any gels – shower gels, washcloth gels, etc. – with little plastic balls. They are small enough to go through most water filtration systems and are destructive to marine animals.” – graeuk

7. “Shark fin soup. For the sake of this dish, fishermen cut off sharks’ fins and throw them out to die in the sea because the other parts have little or no value.”- marisquo

8. “I can’t understand people who buy Christmas decorations every year. Especially those who buy a new plastic Christmas tree every time, even though the previous one was fine. Of course, when you move away from your parents, it makes sense to buy your own set of ornaments and replace broken toys, but the amount of these ornaments in stores is staggering. Why do we buy so many every year?” – PumpkinPieIsGreat

9. “Embedded shopping, especially in sports games. I can understand developers adding cosmetic optional add-ons to free-to-play games – they need to make money somehow. But loot boxes and having to spend money to be able to compete in paid games like NBA 2K and FIFA is complete nonsense.” – UsernameTaken-Taken

10. “A new smartphone every year,” Gabochuky