107-year-old woman advised to drink 13 cups of tea a day for longevity

The 107-year-old Renee Glover, who is considered to be the oldest woman in Darlington, County Durham (England), drinks 13 cups of tea a day and believes this is the reason for her longevity. It was reported by the DailyStar.

“She drinks 13 cups of tea a day and says it’s the secret to her long life. We think it’s genetics, but my grandmother says it’s all about drinking tea every day,” said Sarah Renwick, the elderly woman’s granddaughter.

She noted that her grandmother sings beautifully and entertains those around her with witty remarks about anything.

“She has a great sense of humor. She’s sassy yet funny,” shared the longtime granddaughter.

Renee Glover was born in Frosterly, County Durham. Her father worked as a police officer and her mother as a nursery nurse. Renee married Edwin Glover at age 19, at which time the girl worked as an assistant at a local grocery store and Edwin was a bus driver. The couple had a daughter, Judith. The couple were happily married until Edwin died at age 50. During World War II, the woman was in charge of munitions at the Royal Artillery Factory in Newton Aycliffe.

For the past five years she has lived in a nursing home in Darlington. On June 21, she was helped to celebrate her 107th birthday before a planned family visit, which ended up not happening because of coronavirus restrictions.