15 Jamie Oliver cooking tips that could be your secret

The king of cuisine Jamie Oliver knows how to create a masterpiece from a simple set of products and a pinch of flavorful spices. The chef and owner of a chain of restaurants believes that nothing tastes better than dishes made at home. Discover his secrets – with them, even a simple breakfast is worthy of a Michelin star.

1. For the perfect frosted eggs, always fry them under a lid. Moisture in the pan forms steam under the lid so that the eggs fry on the bottom and steam on top. The white will be crispy and not too greasy, and the yolk is very tender.

2. Do not buy breadcrumbs – make them yourself. You can use any bread for this: fresh, dry, stale, white or dark. Jamie especially recommends brown bread: it has more fiber and the flavor of the breadcrumbs is more interesting. For more flavorful breadcrumbs, add two cloves of garlic in a blender.

3. For a crispy breading, you don’t need to make the batter – add the breadcrumbs while you baste the meat. Jamie suggests first basting the meat on both sides through baking paper pre-greased with olive oil. Then sprinkle one side with breadcrumbs, cover with the paper and beat again for about half a minute. Repeat on the other side.

4. Toast the nuts well in a dry pan. This way, according to Jamie Oliver, you warm up the oils in them and get an intense flavor and aroma. Also, the nuts become more crunchy.

5. Be sure to cool and rinse the cooked rice before you roast it. If your rice needs to be mixed with other ingredients in a pan in your dish, Jamie Oliver suggests cooling it first and rinsing it with cold water. That way it won’t stick together and the dish won’t turn to mush.

6. Cook the eggplant for about five minutes before stir-frying it. Then they will become soft, including the skin. And when roasting, the vegetables will better absorb the aroma and flavor of the oil, spices and other ingredients.

7. To get a richer flavor of mushrooms, first torch them in a dry pan without oil. This will reveal their flavor, and they themselves will be similar to dried. Salt the mushrooms only at the very end of cooking.

8. For a perfect steak, you should start frying the meat in a cold pan, so that it becomes soft and juicy. And if meat, such as pork, has a fatty layer, make a few cuts in it before sending it to fry. Then the fat will melt more quickly.

9. Garlic in the pan should be added already to the half-cooked ingredients. If it is put at the beginning, it will burn and give a bitter taste to the dish.

10. Bake the potatoes in their peel, but be sure to boil them first. Then, according to Jamie, they’ll be crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. For potato dumplings, he says not to get rid of the skin – the flavor is richer.

11. For perfect chocolate shavings, you don’t need to grate the chocolate. Put the chocolate, smooth side up, take a big knife and move it from top to bottom over the surface, scraping off the shavings. The shavings will be very thin.

12.To get rid of the spiciness of the chili peppers, cut them lengthwise and remove the seeds. Jamie Oliver says the chili will be less pungent and the flavor will unfold more completely.

13.  It’s better not to buy ground chili – grind it by hand. This way they have a completely different, richer flavor. After grinding the pepper, sprinkle it on a dish through a sieve: then the shell will remain in the sieve, and the “powder” part will go into the dish.

14. Do not drain the water from the pasta through a colander. The water in which the pasta was cooked is very important. Transfer the pasta from the pot with special tongs at once into a plate or into a pan. Use the water from under it to combine other ingredients and sauces you add to the pasta. That way the pasta won’t dry out and stick together.

15. Boil eggs in slightly salted water. Then the shells will not crack. And to make them easier to peel, get rid of the shells under cold water.