18 ways to make your life easier in 2022

Don’t expect problems to solve themselves. Here are some tips on how to be happier and less tired in the coming year.

1. Go on a low-information diet.

If your work does not involve redirecting the flow of information, you do not need to keep abreast of all the news and events in the world. On the modern man receives information every minute in the form of newsletters, messages on social networks, push-notifications. In most cases, you can not do anything to help other people’s grief, just angry or sympathetic, and these negative emotions drain the strength and reduce productivity.

Determine the sources that will supply you with news and limit the time you spend on them. The less you know, the better you sleep. And longer if you head to bed instead of reading your social media feed.

2. Throw out all the junk.

Old, ugly, unwanted things make the room sloppy, and the mess around them spoils the mood. Eliminate the source of the problem, fill the house with only necessary or pleasant things.

3. Analyze what you spend your time on.

Time is a non-renewable resource, but a lot of people waste it very haphazardly. Defragment your day like a hard drive on your computer. Think about how you can rearrange your busyness during the day to leave more time for enjoyable activities.

4. Make a schedule.

There’s no need to maniacally control all the events in your life, just rewrite your to-do list in your diary and stop worrying about forgetting something. Set adequate deadlines and solve problems as they come up.

5. Write down ideas.

Brilliant thoughts don’t always come to mind at the right time. Write them down in a notebook, on your mobile device, wherever you can so you don’t forget. Some ideas won’t seem brilliant after a while, others can change your life.

6. Turn your house into a fortress.

Make your apartment a place that makes you feel safe. Surround yourself with cozy things. Take away extra keys from intrusive relatives who walk in uninvited. Allow yourself to turn off your phone or at least switch it to silent mode.

7. Save screenshots that make you happy.

Create a folder to store the messages that make you feel good and cheerful. Confessions of love, praise from your bosses, funny correspondence – all of these will lift your spirits and restore your faith in yourself when something in life goes wrong.

8. Stop arguing.

There’s no need to try to convince your opponent that you’re right (unless you’re paid to do so, of course). It takes a lot of moral energy and time, and the person you’re arguing with is likely to stick to his or her own opinion.

9. Use the bed strictly according to its intended purpose.

Do pleasant things in bed, including sleeping, having sex, and eating pizza to your favorite soap opera. Work and read the news better elsewhere, otherwise the bed will cease to be associated with a place of relaxation.

10. Find a way to get away from your problems.

Surely there is something that allows you to escape from difficulties for a while and at least briefly lift your spirits. Favorite movie, watching funny pictures, collecting a puzzle, drawing comic book characters. Make a list of these things and keep it handy for emergencies. Use it when you need a quick way to relieve mental stress and forget yourself a little.

11.Fight perfectionism.

Not everything needs to be done perfectly. Some things are easy enough to do, others can be left out altogether. Set priorities and don’t try to grasp the immensity.

12. Express your feelings more openly.

Of course, not all experiences are worth sharing. But in some cases, it can be useful. First, people will begin to understand you better. Secondly, you will realize that you are not alone in your fears and anxieties. Thirdly, by showing emotions, you are psychologically relaxed.

13. Read more books.

Reading reduces stress levels, expands horizons, allows you to learn something new and escape from reality into imaginary worlds to at least temporarily forget about anxiety.

14. Learn to get over breaking up with people.

Friendships end. You can both still be wonderful people, you just don’t have anything else in common. Let your buddy go and don’t blame yourself for anything.

15. Say “yes” more often.

This isn’t about agreeing to walk into a dark alley with a stranger. But remember how many times you’ve turned down something interesting just out of habit? You are a responsible adult with chronic fatigue, reports and deadlines, but sometimes it is worth to embark on an adventure to feel alive again.

16. Learn to say “no.”

Being good for everyone will not work, sometimes you need to be able to say no even to a request for help, if it is an attempt to do someone else’s work with your hands.

17. Learn more about yourself.

Start keeping a diary or writing a memoir, make a genealogical tree of your family, try all the fruits and find out which one you like best, take a temperament test – get to know yourself better.

18. Live in the present.

Plans are good, but putting life on hold is not a good idea. It’s nice to believe in a magical “tomorrow,” “from Monday” and “in the new year,” but nothing outstanding is likely to happen. Live in the now.