20 soldiers from the NATO battalion in Lithuania have confirmed the coronavirus

The Coronavirus has been confirmed in ten military units of the NATO International Battalion stationed in Lithuania, a public relations representative of this unit confirmed on Wednesday night.

“There are other confirmed cases. There are a total of 20 cases at the moment,” said Captain Evert-Jan Daniels.

The officer did not detail the military’s citizenship except for the fact that two Dutch military personnel had previously been brought to the Netherlands.

In order to stop the spread of the virus, the exercise is currently conducted only inside the battalion, and joint actions with other units are limited, in order to reduce contacts between different military.

The new cases in the NATO Battalion in Lithuania were first reported on Wednesday by the TV3 news programme.

A combat group of the NATO Forward Battalion was deployed to Lithuania in February 2017 in response to the events in Ukraine and the Crimea’s joining Russia. The Battalion in Lithuania is commanded by Germany.