30 people dead in gas truck explosion in Nigeria

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At least 30 people were killed in a gas truck explosion in southeastern Nigeria. This was reported Saturday, January 23, by The Nation newspaper.

Local resident Anthony Walker said it happened at a gas station in the town of Agbor, and the explosion was caused by a leak from the truck’s dispensing hose.

The explosion also damaged more than 30 homes near the station. After the explosion, a fire broke out. It is noted that most people died in their homes. Seventeen injured people were taken to hospital.

In November 2020, there was an explosion in an oil field of the Nigerian National Oil Company in the south of the country. No one was injured as a result of the accident.

In March 2020, at least 15 people died in an explosion at an oil pipeline site in the city of Abul-Ado in Nigeria. Another 60 people were injured, including female students at an all-girls college. The explosion damaged 50 buildings, including a college and a popular hotel.