4 tips to help you overcome any difficulties in life

In life, various difficulties inevitably arise: health problems, economic crises or family turmoil. To cope with them, it is necessary to develop psychological stability.

To withstand any test, you need to be able to control their thoughts, feelings and actions. There are four simple tips to help you do this.

1. Accept Reality

Acceptance does not mean consent. You just need to recognize that this or that event – this is a fait accompli. Struggling and repeating that it was not supposed to happen, you just waste your time and energy. By accepting what is happening, you take the first step to find a way out of the situation.

Imagine a traffic jam on the road. One person will think, “How unfair! And why does this always happen to me?” He will start to get angry, nervous, and argue with other drivers.

A psychologically resilient person will simply remind himself, “There are millions of cars driving on the roads every day, so naturally there will be traffic jams from time to time.” This attitude will help keep things calm. Such a person will turn on a podcast and wait for traffic to recover.

To accept reality, we need to understand what we can and cannot control. In situations that you have no control over, try to control yourself.

2. Stop feeling sorry for yourself

Accepting reality will help you organize your thoughts and feelings. It is the key to productive behavior. How we behave when confronted with a problem determines how quickly we can find a solution. Even if our problem can’t be solved (such as the loss of a loved one), we still choose how to react to what happened each time.

You shouldn’t indulge in self-pity. It will not allow you to move on and will completely rob you of your strength of spirit. Ask yourself: “What can I do right now to somehow help myself?” You may have to overcome your fear or do something unpleasant. The important thing is to take action.

3. Control sad thoughts

The mind can be both our best ally and our worst enemy. If you let negative thoughts take hold of you, you simply won’t be able to do anything.

Thoughts like “I’ll never make it” or “I can’t take another minute of this” will prevent you from achieving your goals. So try to notice when your thoughts become overly pessimistic.

If you feel that you panic, think about what you would say if your friend was in this situation. You would probably reassure him or her that everything would work out.

4. Train your mental toughness ahead of time

A crisis situation is not a good time to start developing psychological resilience. It should be done in advance.

You’re not going to wait until you need to lift something heavy to start flexing your muscles, are you? It’s not likely to help you if you start pulling iron five minutes before you move the couch. But by building up your strength gradually, you can lift more weight.

The same goes for mental toughness. In order for you to have the fortitude to overcome life’s difficulties, train it every day.