4 unexpected ways to improve memory

Sex, social media, and a couple of other not-so-obvious things happen to help you remember information.

1. Sharing new knowledge with someone

One psychological study showed that people who retold at least some of the information they had just learned to others were better at remembering it. Why? The fact is that we don’t forget anything at all – we just can’t immediately access the knowledge we need. And this trick is a kind of key to remembering.

Researchers argue that this method is much more effective during training than rereading a textbook or revisiting notes. They even advise to simply write out questions on a new topic and answer them aloud to yourself: they say, the tangible result will be in this case.

2. have more sex

Scientists have found that women who have sex more often have a stronger short-term memory. This conclusion was reached thanks to a study during which, among other things, girls took a word memory test. Those who had more vaginal intercourse did better than others.

The authors believe that this is due to the increased levels of neurotransmitters that occur through sex. It stimulates the growth of new cells in the hippocampus, an area of the brain also responsible for memory.

There’s good news for the rest of humanity, too. Another study found a direct link between sexual activity and good memory in men.

3. Post

People are better at remembering incidents in their lives that they talk about on social media. This is the conclusion reached by scientists from the United States and China. For their study, they asked the subjects to keep a diary for a week and record in it the events of each day, and separately note which of them they shared in social networks.

It turned out that the moments posted on the Internet were much more often recalled by the participants. And the real importance of the event did not play any role.

Researchers believe that by sharing an episode of life in public, we automatically distinguish it from the rest. That’s why it’s easier to remember it.

So keep an eye on what you post on your personal page: it creates your own internal picture of your life.

4. Listen to the pink noise

Another study showed that people who listen to pink noise (hissing, reminiscent of the sound of the sea) in their sleep end up sleeping better and remembering information. True, this technique only works if the noise is synchronized with brain waves. In home conditions it is problematic.

However, pink noise also helps you fall asleep. So you still have a reason to listen to it that night. Who knows, maybe your memory will improve, too.