46-year-old Argentinean political scientist died during a lecture at Zoom

During an online lecture held through Zoom, 46-year-old political scientist Paola de Simone died in Argentina. This was reported on September 5 by the Daily Mail.

A woman who taught at the University de la Empresa in Buenos Aires began to choke, fainted and died in front of students. At the beginning of the attack, they tried to ask the woman for her address in order to call an ambulance, but she was unable to give her name.

In late August, a teacher wrote on Twitter that she had symptoms of coronavirus for about a month. Her husband, who works as a doctor, is also sick, she wrote.

In late August, the Buenos Aires parliament approved a law allowing relatives to visit the dying despite the pandemic. The law was passed against the backdrop of the story of Pablo Mousset of Neuquén Province. A man traveled about 1,000 kilometers to see his seriously ill daughter, who suffers from cancer.

As of yesterday, more than 451,198 cases of coronavirus have been registered in Argentina and at least 9,361 patients have died.