5 ways to lose weight while sleeping

How to get rid of excess weight with minimal effort

The process of losing weight is usually associated with something hard and long-term: you need to make a workout plan, adjust your diet and constantly motivate yourself. But experts in the field of nutrition have found several ways to help lose weight while you sleep. ELLE tells more about simple habits that will help you to become slimmer.

Drink a protein shake

It is commonly believed that if you want to lose weight, it is better not to eat before bedtime, or even give up dinner altogether. However, researchers at the University of Florida in a study found that participants who ate 150 ml of protein shake 30-60 minutes before going to sleep, lost weight faster than those who went to bed hungry. In addition, drinkers (protein shakes) had an accelerated metabolism and lowered blood pressure over time. We should add that it is better to choose a vegetable protein, such as hemp protein (it contains a lot of microelements), this will help to avoid skin problems.
Drink a protein shake

Turn off the light.

The scientific journal Biological Rhythms has published a report on how light affects sleep quality and weight. As it turns out, even dim light can interfere with your body’s recovery, so falling asleep with a lamp is a bad idea.

Plan for the next day

Plan for the next day
In the morning, motivation is most often at zero, so it is better to plan the day before. Prepare a healthy lunch, make preparation for a healthy breakfast (you can soak chia seeds or oatmeal in coconut milk). Then you’ll go to sleep knowing you’re prepared for the next day. And when you wake up, it will be easier to stick to your plan.

Regulate the heating

The medical journal Diabetes conducted an experiment and found that volunteers who slept at 19°C increased brown fat (a healthy type of fat in the body that helps burn calories). Those who slept at the comfortable temperature of 23°C could not boast similar gains. If you find it difficult to fall asleep in the cold, you can wear warm socks.

Set an alarm clock

According to a study by Brigham Young University, women who wake up around the same time every day weigh less than those who don’t stick to a routine. The quantity and quality of sleep play a big role in weight loss issues: the body needs about 8 hours to recover. Even a slight lack of sleep increases appetite and promotes weight gain.