8 century life hacks that are still relevant today

These simple techniques were invented a hundred years ago, but remain relevant even now. Tips, tested by generations – are not simple fictions that can be found on the Internet. Wisdom must be used, then all the work will be done more easily and much faster. A selection of 8 tips, tested even by our great-great-great-grandmothers will surely come in handy in the farm and everyday routine.

1. Bread slicing

To make a meal is not just a snack, but a real break with delicious food and beautiful serving, seemingly not very important details help. For example, such as slicing bread. After all, if it will be sliced into thin, neat and beautiful slices, it will be much more pleasant to eat, and calories will be less when large amounts are visible. However, there are often problems with thin slices of bread – the bread crumbles and breaks. To avoid this problem, you should use a simple method: dip the knife in hot water, wipe it quickly and start cutting the bread.

2. Removing the stain from the ink

It would seem that if ink gets on your clothes, it is impossible to wash them. But this is not so, to correct the situation you need to act quickly. The fabric with fresh ink stain will dive into the milk, then all the ink itself will come off quickly. If there are any traces left, you should wash the thing as usual.

3. Universal cooking of eggs

How often does it happen that while laying an egg from a store, it will accidentally crack? No one is insured against such an accident, but you should not be upset. You can successfully boil cracked eggs. All you need to do is add some vinegar to the water. If you do this, the egg will not spill. 4. First aid in case of splintering

4. First aid in splintering

There is a universal method that helps to pull out any splinter, even the smallest one, from the skin. And you can do it painlessly and quickly. All you need for first aid is to take a small jar, steam or hot water to warm its inner part, and then apply it to the skin above the splinter. Since there is a high pressure inside the glass jar or glass, the splinter will come out of the skin itself. Just make sure that the jar or glass fits the skin tightly, without gaps. Usually 5 seconds is enough to make the life hack work. If necessary, it can be repeated if the splinter has not come out the first time.

5. Oil test for nature.

High-quality butter is always delicious and delicate product, able to give a lot of positive emotions from a magical taste. But how do you recognize the same, natural and delicious when buying? Pretty simple! You need to take a small piece of paper, oil it and set it on fire. The fact is that if you are looking at margarine or not enough quality oil, the smell from the paper will be sharp and unpleasant. But natural butter, even at high temperatures, smells nice.

6. Fresh bouquet

Even if the flowers began to wilt, there are many tips on how to return them to freshness. Someone says to add aspirin or alcohol to the water, someone to soak overnight in a bath with cold water. But for some reason, few people remember the old proven method, according to which you should put flowers in hot water, and after it cools down, cut the ends of the stems and put a bouquet in cold water. It seems surprising, but it works.

7. Separation of glasses

After washing the dishes, or even during this process, it often happens that two glasses put one in one, stick together and do not want to separate. To solve the problem quickly, you need to use tried and tested methods of physics. The lower glass should be put in hot water and the upper one should be poured cold. Such a simple method will help to quickly disengage them.

8. Long flame

During a vacation in the countryside or hiking you can often face the problem that matches quickly fade away. To make their fire more resistant to natural influences, you need to make several cuts on them with a knife. This will help strengthen the flame, so it will be much easier to make a fire.