83 millionaires asked to raise their taxes because of the pandemic

A group of millionaires from the U.S. and Western European countries came out on the eve of the opening of the G20 summit with an open letter urging the governments of the world to increase their taxes. In their view, this will help people like them to play a “critical role” in the fight against the Coronavirus pandemic.

“We do not care for patients in intensive care wards. We don’t drive ambulances that take patients to hospitals. We don’t resupply grocery stores or deliver food. But we do have a lot of money. Money that is urgently needed now,” said Millionaires for Humanity in a statement.

The letter says that the problems and consequences of the Coronavirus pandemic cannot be solved through charity. The signatories to the letter ask government leaders to “take responsibility for raising the necessary funds and distributing them fairly” to fund health, education and security systems by increasing taxes on “the world’s wealthiest people.

The letter was signed by 80 people, including representatives of the Disney family Abigail and Tim Disney, former managing director of the BlackRock investment fund Morris Pearl and other millionaires and billionaires from the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Denmark, the Netherlands and New Zealand.

As The Guardian notes, the letter was published in anticipation of a meeting of finance ministers and central bank governors of the G20 countries, scheduled for July 18. The authors called on politicians to “fight global inequality.