95% of the Chinese are ready to give up iPhone if it doesn’t have WeChat on it

Donald Trump has imposed sanctions on the Chinese company Tencent, which is the operator of the WeChat application. The messenger is a universal tool for Chinese users to communicate and interact with various services, it is installed on about a billion devices, according to 9to5mac. The ban on its installation on the iPhone and on transactions makes an American smartphone “a useless piece of trash,” they say in China.

According to a poll of 1.2 million respondents, 95% of them are willing to give up their iPhone if they can’t install WeChat on it. If Trump’s decree comes into effect, the messenger may disappear from the app store in autumn.

For Apple, this could mean a 30% decline in global smartphone sales. The company has already notified the White House about possible consequences for its business and the American economy. But it is possible that the ban on WeChat will only apply to those iPhones sold in the U.S.: this issue remains unclear.