A 30-year-old American woman was arrested for going to school instead of her daughter

Casey Garcia decided to conduct an unusual social experiment, but failed miserably.

The 30-year-old from Texas wanted to check whether the school where her 13-year-old daughter was attending complied with safety rules. One day Casey decided to leave her heiress at home and go to school instead. The young mother wore a baggy tracksuit and goggles, hiding part of her face with a face mask.

Garcia filmed the entire process on video, which she made public on social media. The footage showed the woman effortlessly entering an educational facility. She was only asked for the number of her daughter’s school ID card. The young mother had no difficulty in giving the numbers.

She attended several classes, ate lunch in the school cafeteria, and talked to some of the students. It was not until the last class that the teacher suspected something was amiss. She went to the principal of the school and also to the police, saying that a stranger posing as a student had entered the school. The sheriff arrived on the scene and arrested Casey for trespassing. Garcia, however, does not consider herself guilty. She noted that she only wanted to see if the facility where her daughter was attending was safe, and she succeeded.

According to Casey, anyone could easily break into the school. The young mother stated that the facility was not properly secure, and its employees were more concerned about her sitting in class on her phone than about the identity of the student herself.

We need better security in schools. I have proven that this is not the case in our institution. People are concerned that I, a parent, was sitting next to their child, not that sooner or later there might be an abuser who wants to harm our children in my place,” Garcia explained.

Authorities in Texas released the woman on bail and also issued a warning. They also noted that they will soon be checking safety rules, not only at this school, but also at other educational institutions in the state, People reported.