A blogger videotaped a cracked porthole in flight

Carl Haddad, a Canadian blogger, had a few scary minutes. He was on an Air Canada flight from Toronto to Montreal. At first everything was as usual – landing, “fasten your seatbelts”. After that, the young man fell asleep. When he woke up, he first looked through the window and saw a huge crack.

Haddad, who had come to his senses a little bit out of shock, called for a flight attendant, who, in turn, was a pilot. The blogger tried to calm down – the crack is not dangerous, but the crew will try to land the plane as soon as possible. Immediately after that, the liner began to descend. Everything ended safely: the porthole survived, the plane landed without incident. Later, the airline said that the plastic trim, not the glass, had burst, and this has no effect on the airtightness of the porthole. Despite this, the blogger got his share of fame – his video became viral.