A boy from Austria wrote a letter to Putin asking him not to lose faith in Europe

Matthias Brandstetter, 10, from Austria wrote a letter to Russian President Vladimir Putin asking him “not to lose faith in Europe.”

In his letter, the boy said that “there are many people in Europe who are kind to Russia and would like a closer partnership with it.”

“Please don’t lose faith in Europe,” Matthias wrote to the Russian leader.

The Russian Foreign Ministry responded to the letter of the 10 year old Austrian on Wednesday, July 21. It was reported on the page of the Russian Foreign Ministry on Facebook.

” We thank the author for an interesting and very remarkable letter. Russia is still open for a dialogue with everyone who is mutually interested in working together for the sake of general health, well-being and progress”, – wrote the Foreign Ministry of Russia.

In addition, at the request of the boy he was sent a photo of Putin with a personal autograph and several books about Russia and Moscow, which among other things “will help him to expand his knowledge of our country and improve the Russian language.

Earlier, on June 24, French leader Emmanuel Macron said it was necessary to establish a dialogue between the EU and Russia for the security of the entire continent. On the same day German Chancellor Angela Merkel said the EU should seek ways of direct dialogue with the Russian leadership. According to her, it is necessary to create unified mechanisms to respond to Russia’s actions.

However, the next day at the summit in Brussels, about ten EU countries rejected the initiative of German Chancellor and French President to hold a meeting of EU leaders with Putin. However, Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz welcomed the idea of a summit between the EU and Russia, approving the movement towards a dialogue between the states.