A bus with tourists was involved in an accident in Turkey

There was an accident involving a bus in Turkey and as a result at least 30 people were injured. This was reported by the news agency “Demiroren” on September 13.

According to the journalists, the accident occurred in Mugla. A tourist bus and a student bus, which were moving on the oncoming lane, collided. The driver of the first bus died.

The victims were taken to the nearest hospitals, it is noted that three students are in serious condition.

According to media reports, there are 41 tourists from Russia and Ukraine on the tourist bus. There have been no reports about casualties or injuries among them so far.

There are rescue services at the site. An investigation has been launched into the incident.

Earlier, September 4, it was reported that the collision of a train and a van near the town of Lyuleburgaz in Tekirdag Province, northwest Turkey, killed six people and injured another six.

The minibus involved in the accident was carrying workers, being a service vehicle. The car drove into the railway crossing just seconds before the freight train passed. The injured were hospitalized at the nearby hospitals. An investigation was initiated into the accident.