A child with two heads was born in Myanmar

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A baby with two heads was born in Myanmar. This was reported by the Myanmar Times on Thursday, September 17.

According to him, the baby was born on September 16. Sanda Myin, 29, gave birth to a boy in a hospital in a district of Nay Pyi Taw. A 2.5-kg baby was born in the eighth month of pregnancy, Tatkon Yu Toon hospital employee said.

The baby could not be considered a Siamese twin, the hospital official said. The boy had one set of organs, and Siamese twins usually have two sets of internalities. The doctor emphasized that a newborn baby needs special care.

After the birth, the child was taken to a specialized pediatric medical institution in the capital. Now he is in intensive care, but he feels good.

As it is noted, this is not the only such case in Myanmar. Thus, in 2001 in Mandalay Mo Ma Aung and Mo Pa Pa Aung were born in the hip area. The surgeons performed the operation and successfully separated the children just one year after their birth.

In July 2019, in the Indian state of Odisha, Siamese twins with one heart for two were born.