A cicada infestation disrupted the flight of journalists accompanying Joe Biden

A flight of the White House press service to Britain was postponed for several hours because of a cicada infestation. It is reported by CNN.

It is noticed that the insects got into the engines of the aircraft and disrupted the flight. Due to the incident, the plane had to be replaced and representatives of the American media flew to the United Kingdom with a six-hour delay.

According to CNN, the journalists were supposed to accompany U.S. President Joe Biden on his first trip abroad. It is reported that the flight of the American leader, who is also flying to the UK for the G7 summit, is safely protected from attacks by various insects.

On May 23, it became known that billions of Great Eastern brood cicadas emerged for the first time in 17 years in several states of the U.S. East Coast. The cicadas have already been spotted in Virginia, Maryland, and Georgia. As soil temperatures rise, the insect infestation is expected to spread to the rest of the states where the brood is nesting. Cicada densities can be as high as 370 million per square mile.