A collection of newspapers from the Boeing 707 that crashed in 1966 were found on top of Mont Blanc

On top of the Mont Blanc mountain was found in good condition a collection of newspapers that belonged to the passengers of the Boeing 707 aircraft that crashed in 1966. This was reported by the French television channel BFMTV on Monday, July 13.

According to the channel, during the walk the newspapers were found by Timothy Moten, manager of the local restaurant Cabane du Cerro, which is 1350 m above sea level.

“They were lying outdoors in the snow at the foot of the sulphur. They could rot in the near future,” he said.

Among these print media, he found issues of the Indian newspapers National Herald and The Economic Times, the man said. Moten said the discovery was a “happy accident,” as the glacier in which publications were frozen over the years has preserved them to this day.

Air India’s Boeing 707-437 operated a Bombay Delhi Beirut-Geneva-London flight, but crashed into Mont Blanc on 24 January 1966 on its flight to Geneva. As a result of the crash, the plane crashed completely, none of the 106 passengers and 11 crew members survived.