A crowd of protesters gathered outside a polling station in Arizona

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Protesters gathered near a polling station in American Phoenix, Maricopa County, Arizona. This was reported on Thursday, November 5, CNN.

At the moment, the polling center is counting the votes in the presidential elections in the United States. Among the protesters are supporters of the current head of state and Republican Party candidate Donald Trump.

“There are a lot of red caps, posters in support of Trump and appeals,” ABC TV channel reported.

It is noted that the entrance to the polling station is guarded by police. Several people went inside the building, asked questions about vote counting and left. Armed men were seen in the crowd.

Earlier that day, it became known that Trump’s campaign headquarters could file lawsuits over the vote counting in Arizona and Nevada.

In addition, protests were also observed in New York. After clashes with police, about 20 people were arrested, shockers, knives and dangerous firecrackers were found in the detainees. According to the correspondent, after the rally the activists threw “Stop, Trump” signs on the ground.