A dark-skinned ballerina in Germany was offered to be “bleached” for the ballet “Swan Lake”

French ballerina Chloe Lopez Gomez, who became the first black dancer in the German company Staatsballet, accused the management of racism. This was reported by The Guardian on December 9.

According to the dancer, for two years of work in the company, she had many times encountered a manifestation of racism. Thus, to perform in the ballet “La Bayadera” ballerinas supposed to have a white veil, but Gomez did not get it, because the director said that the girl is “black”, and therefore the white veil is not due to her.

In addition, one of the managers suggested that she “bleach” for the part in “Swan Lake” in order not to stand out among the other members of the ballet.

The Staatsballet promised to look into the situation and conduct an investigation.

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