A dilapidated house without a bathroom sold for $2 million in New Zealand

The real estate market in New Zealand is so popular that properties can be sold for millions, even without a fully equipped bathroom. Such was the case with a house on Arica Street in a popular suburb of the country’s largest city, Auckland’s Grey Lynn. Information about the 1920s-era bungalow, which has fallen into disrepair over time, explicitly mentions its shortcomings, but admits that because of its enviable location, it’s probably the best place for buyers to get it.

On Thursday, the three-bedroom property with no bathroom or toilet sold at auction for a staggering $2.075 million, local publication Stuff reported. Bidding opened at $1.7 million. And that’s despite the fact that the house needs urgent repairs. The local cafe and nearby road are noted not as attractions for future residents, but as places that will “no doubt” become a “permanent home for your builders,” since the house is currently uninhabitable.

While the lack of a toilet makes this property something of an “extreme home” to sell for such a price, the auctioneer told reporters that such a thing is really nothing special for New Zealand, which currently has one of the highest real estate rates in the world.