A doctor suspected of killing a COVID-19 patient was detained in Germany

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On November 18, the police of the German city of Essen detained a doctor of the university clinic who is suspected of intentionally killing two patients with COVID-19. This was reported in a police press release on Friday, November 20.

“After a joint investigation by the prosecutor’s office and the police department of Essen, there is a suspicion that the doctor intentionally and illegally injected medication into seriously ill patients at the last stage of their lives, which led to their immediate death,” the document says.

Patients – 47 and 50-year-old men who died November 13 and 17, respectively – were being treated by the suspect and were in critical condition when the medication was administered, Bild notes.

According to the paper, both patients had serious health complications, which predetermined the severe course of coronavirus in men. At the same time, the doctor, according to the publication, notified relatives of the patients of his plans so they could say goodbye to them.

German police set up a commission of inquiry to investigate the murder, and the doctor was placed in pretrial detention. He had already testified in one of the deaths, stating that he wanted to end the “suffering of the patient and his family” through his actions.

According to the University Hospital of Essen, the 44-year-old physician had been working in the institution since February 2020. The medical center notes that the deceased men were “at the last stage. The clinic management suspended the doctor as soon as the prosecutor’s office notified the institution of the investigation.

Earlier, on November 10, British police detained a nurse on suspicion of killing eight babies and attempting to kill nine newborns. Lucy Letby, 30, is listed in a case investigating at least 17 infant deaths at a hospital in Chester, Cheshire County, between June 2015 and June 2016.