A famous blogger showed how he pushed his girlfriend into an aquarium with sharks (video)

A TikTok blogger John Schoepf published a video in which he made a joke of his beloved by pushing her into an aquarium with sharks.

Judging by the signature on the video, the couple was on vacation in Mexico. They were walking on the bridge near the beach. On the way, the man saw a small enclosure closed, where he left his girlfriend. Falling into the water, she began to scream and flounder, after which Shepf quickly pulled the girl to the land and began to calm down. The victim of the prank was so scared that she lost her voice.

“When your girlfriend is afraid of sharks, and you push her into the pool with sharks,” he signed the video.
The audience was pissed off by the man’s joke. They called his act humiliating and cruel to his beloved. “Pushing her and then soothing her is the most manipulative thing I’ve ever seen,” wrote one of the TikTok users.

@jmschoepfWhen your gf is terrified of sharks, and you push her in a shark tank 😂😂 ##sharkattack ##nurseshark ##crying ##cancun ##mexico ##jaws

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