A fight broke out at a meeting of the African Union Parliament

A mass fight broke out during a meeting of the African Union parliament. The reason for the conflict was the voting procedure for the new chairman, which some deputies considered unfair.

Thus, representatives of one of the regions tried to take away the ballot box, but their opponents prevented them. A verbal altercation ensued, which then developed into a scuffle.

One of the deputies called representatives of law enforcement agencies. As a result, a decision was made to postpone the session, SABC radio reported.

The All-African Parliament was created in the spring of 2004. It is the legislative body of the African Union. At present it consists of 235 deputies, who are not elected but are appointed and directed by the legislative bodies of the member countries of the African Union. Representatives of 47 of the 55 states that make up the African Union now sit in Parliament.