A fish slapped the head of the Moldavian Ministry of Defense in the face

During the military exercises, a fish jumped into the armored vehicle of the head of the Moldavian Ministry of Defense Alexandru Pinzar and hit him in the face with its tail. The minister himself wrote about it on his Facebook page, attaching a video and accompanying it with the song In The Army Now of the Status Quo group.

The byzarre overcame water obstacles on the APC and drove with the hatch open during the inspection of the range. Fish were dug out of the water around him. When he turned aside, one of the fish jumped out of the water and hit the Minister in the face and then fell under his feet.

“It was unexpected, even funny. In general, I admit that I’m not a big fan of fishing, but I wish all fishermen as lucky with their catch as I am today,” he commented on the video.