“A ghost ship” with corpses nailed to the shores of Japan

Five human bodies and two heads were found in a small vessel nailed by the waves to the shores of Japan. Presumably North Korean fishermen or refugees.

The boat found on Sado Island is severely damaged, with Korean inscriptions on board. Apparently, it was at sea for a long time: the corpses partially decayed.

The Coast Guard could not reach the boat until one day after it was found on Saturday. The Japanese police cannot yet say for sure if the heads belonged to any of the victims on the boat.

Such “ghost ships” have been found off the coast of Japan several times before. Most often these are small fishing boats from the DPRK. Most of these boats are found empty or with bodies on board. Apparently, fishermen go too far into the sea in search of a catch and either get lost and die either from hunger or in a strong storm.

In 2017, a wooden boat with eight alive passengers was nailed to the Japanese coast near Yurikhonjo City. One of them explained that the boat was really used by fishermen from North Korea who were fishing for squid. Because of the problems at sea, the boat was taken to Japanese territorial waters.

Previously, it was suggested that the boats were trying to escape from North Korea, but these versions were not confirmed. The fishermen found in 2017 demanded that they be transported back to DPRK.

Due to strained relations between the DPRK and Japan, it is almost impossible to effectively investigate such cases.