A lump in the throat was called a sign of deadly diseases

A lump in the throat can indicate both the presence of normal stress and deadly diseases.

According to experts, the most common cause of a coma in the throat is prolonged stress. When neuroses are treated, then the discomfort will disappear, the specialist notes.

However, when the coma is accompanied by pressure in the throat, farting and difficulty in swallowing, then we are talking about having a stroke, craniocerebral trauma or a neuroinfection, the doctor explained.

In addition, according to her, a lump in the throat is often indicative of gastrointestinal diseases, an increase in the thyroid gland in diffuse toxic goiter, as well as diseases of the cervical spine with dislocation of the disc.

One should sound the alarm and seek immediate medical attention if a malignancy or infection with dangerous viruses is suspected.

“With angina, for example, the inflammatory process can lead to swelling, suppuration, and this can provoke choking and airway block – this is very dangerous.”