A man in France blew up a house when he tried to kill a fly

An elderly man in France tried to kill a fly with an electronic flieship, blowing up his house as a result. This was reported by The Mirror on September 6.

The man was about to have a snack when he heard an insect whirring. In order to get rid of the fly, he used an electronic fly swatter. At the same time, as it turned out, the gas tank in his house was leaking. A spark from the device led to a gas explosion, the kitchen and part of the roof of the house were destroyed.

The 80-year-old French citizen himself was taken to the hospital in Liburn with a burn on his hand. He is waiting for further examination.

In March 2019, a resident of the American city of Detroit tried to kill a cockroach and accidentally shot himself. A 50-year-old man wanted to kill an insect with a shoe with a revolver inside. When he threw his shoes at the cockroach, the gun went off and the bullet hit his leg.