A man was detained in the U.S. for threatening to kill Trump

U.S. Secret Service agents arrested a resident of the New York borough of Queens accused of making numerous threats to kill former U.S. President Donald Trump if he does not agree to leave the leadership of the United States after losing the presidential election in November 2020. The New York Daily News reported this on Monday, January 10.

It is noted that Thomas Wielnicki, 72, announced his intentions in July 2020 during an interview with police officers at the Washington Capitol. He promised to buy guns and kill the head of the White House if he “loses the election and refuses to leave. However, even after Trump’s resignation, the suspect did not calm down and continued to hatch reprisal plans.

Thus, on January 4, 2021, he called the Secret Service office on Long Island and left voice messages saying that he would kill Trump, as well as 12 other people who supported the former American leader, including congressmen and senators.

In November 2021, Wielnicki contacted the Secret Service again and repeated the threats.

As a result, the man was arrested on Jan. 10, 2022. That same day, he will appear in federal court in Brooklyn, where he will face formal charges. Attorney Deirdre von Dornum stated that her client posed no threat. According to her, the man who threatened Trump was trying to express his indignation at the “attempted assassination of Lady Liberty.”

Earlier, on Sept. 15, Nivian Phelps, an African-American woman from Miami, pleaded guilty to making death threats against U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris. At a district court hearing, the woman testified that she sent her husband, who is serving a prison sentence, videos and photos threatening to kill Harris. In addition, Phelps admitted that she allegedly took $53,000 from an unknown customer to attack the vice president 50 days after the videos were recorded.

The suspect was arrested on April 17. The woman questioned Harris’ racial identity, who is a dark-skinned American of Jamaican-Indian descent.

At the time, Phelps, 39, reportedly expressed hatred for U.S. leader Joe Biden in addition to threats.