A man was detained in the US for threatening to kill Joe Biden

A Tulsa man has been detained in the United States on suspicion of threatening to kill President Joe Biden and members of Congress. It was reported Tuesday, June 22, on the website of the U.S. Department of Justice.

According to the Office of the U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Oklahoma, John Arens, 58, sent threatening emails to a local TV station from May to June. In them, he threatened not only the U.S. leader and lawmakers, but also their families. The man intended to get an unnamed amount of money from the government.

“Threats to kill government officials and their families online have consequences. The arrest and filing of criminal charges is the first step toward holding people accountable for their alleged actions,” Acting U.S. Attorney Clint Johnson was quoted by 7News television news service as saying.

The service’s story also says that in a May 10 message, a man urged people to go to his Facebook page and read what he sent to congressional representatives.

“They have less than 48 hours to hand over my money or their children are going to start dying all over the country. I’m going to kill their children using the same law the government used to force our families down the trail of tears,” 7News quoted the man as saying on its website.

Ahrens was detained June 18 at his home. During questioning, he allegedly confirmed sending threatening messages. He is to be formally charged within 30 days of his arrest. The Justice Department does not specify what punishment the man faces if convicted.

Earlier, on June 8, Joe Biden announced his intention to improve the national strategy for tracking and eliminating terrorist threats from any direction.