A man with two knives injured policemen in Belarus

A drunk man in Molodechno, Minsk region, attacked police officers with two knives, and they were injured, but hospitalization was not necessary. This was reported by Olga Chemodanova, spokesperson for the Belarusian Interior Ministry, in her Telegram-channel on August 30.

“Today at about 16:30 in Molodechno, Gromadovskaya Street, there was an attack on policemen,” she said.

On their return from the call to the district police department, the police officers noticed a man who was showing obscene gestures and was heavily drunk. Law enforcers stopped for a hearing. At that time the citizen took out two kitchen knives and “attacked the policemen.

One of the law enforcement officers received a stab wound in the occipital region, while the other received a cut wound to the shin. They were provided with medical assistance.

The suspects were detained. They were unemployed 60-year-old resident of Molodechno. Medical examination showed 3 ppm in the exhaled air of the man. The detainee’s actions will be given a legal assessment.