A maniac nicknamed Zodiac has been identified in the U.S.

Specialists involved in investigating unsolved cases say they have been able to identify the Zodiac, one of the most mysterious maniacs in the United States, who is known for a series of murders in San Francisco in the late 1960s. This was reported by FoxNews on Oct. 6.

Experts believe the maniac, who bullied authorities for years by sending them ciphers in newspapers and letters, is painter Gary Francis Post, who died in 2018.

New forensic evidence and photos of Post helped find the maniac. His forehead showed strong scars, like those in the Zodiac sketch.

In addition, experts found clues in the maniac’s letters, where the letters of Gary Francis Post’s full name had been deleted. In addition, evidence – boot marks and a watch smeared with paint – also pointed to Post.

The maniac himself, who operated in San Francisco, claimed to have killed 37 people. But police have evidence of attacks on only seven people, five of whom died.

Earlier, on Oct. 1, former French policeman Francois Verov committed suicide near Montpellier. In a suicide note, the 59-year-old former police officer confessed to committing numerous crimes.

The policeman’s suicide was preceded by the fact that he was summoned for questioning in connection with a series of high-profile murders and rapes committed from 1983 to 1994. Verov is believed to be responsible for at least three murders and six rapes. Among the victims there are minors. DNA was able to trace the perpetrator.