A “mega comet” approaches the center of the solar system

Astronomers have discovered a large comet approaching the center of the solar system. The diameter of the celestial body 2014 UN271, which has already been called the “mega comet” is between 100 and 370 km – reports Fox News.

The discovery of the huge comet was the result of the Dark Energy Survey astronomical survey, which was carried out from 2014 to 2018 as part of a dark energy search project. Astronomers were very surprised when such a large comet, previously unknown, was discovered in the solar system.

In addition to its impressive size, comet 2014 UN271 boasts an extremely long orbit – one revolution of the space object around the Sun stretches for 600,000 years. The researchers found that the comet is headed toward the center of the solar system, but it does it very slowly – the object will reach the orbit of Saturn (which is very far from the center of our star system) only in 10 years.

According to astronomer Sam Dean, as the “mega-combet” will appear the usual attributes of comets, such as the coma and the tail as they approach the luminary. However, it is unlikely to see the comet with the naked eye.

Previously, scientists reported the approach to our planet asteroid 441987, whose size is comparable with the two Statues of Liberty. NASA experts consider the object “potentially dangerous” for Earth, but the probability of collision is low.