A member of the European Commission died of coronavirus

A member of the European Commission (EC) died after being infected with the coronavirus. The head of the organization Ursula von der Leyen reported this on Twitter on Monday, April 13.

“I regret to inform about the death of one of the loyal employees of the commission, who fell ill with coronavirus, on the eve,” the text says.

The head of the EC expressed condolences to the family and colleagues of the deceased.

Earlier the same day it was reported that for the past day 303 deaths from coronavirus were registered in Belgium. During the day 942 new cases of infection were detected in the country. A total of 3,903 people died. The number of people infected has reached 30,589.

April 8, the European Commission recommended EU member states to extend until May 15 travel restrictions for citizens within the Schengen area against the background of the coronavirus pandemic.