A multinational crew served on Henry VIII’s ship

Researchers at Cardiff University have uncovered the biographies of eight members of the Mary Rose’s crew using the latest technology. Henry VIII’s favorite ship served the Tudor dynasty for more than thirty-four years before it sank during the Battle of the Solent.

Nearly four hundred and fifty years after the wreck, maritime archaeologists have recovered the remains of the legendary ship from the bottom, along with over nineteen thousand artifacts on board. Today, most of the items are on display in the Portsmouth Museum. The study of the finds continues to this day.

In a recent study, scientists used the latest technology to analyze the remains. They were able to determine the biographies of the eight crew members whose skulls were found with the ship. Multi-isotope analysis revealed where these people were born and raised, what they ate and what kind of water they drank. Chemical indicators with all this information forever remain in the teeth of each person.

Specialists were able to find out that the Mary Rose had a multinational crew: three of the eight were from Africa and the rest were British-born.