A neurologist explained the dangers of frequent yawning

A neurologist, psychoneurologist, candidate of medical sciences has told us whether too frequent yawning is dangerous and why it is difficult to restrain oneself if someone yawns nearby.

According to the specialist, yawning is a reflex process that allows the brain to activate.

“Shift schedule, flight to other time zones, any disturbance of biological rhythms and further inversion of sleep will lead to the phenomenon of yawning. If sleep is ineffective, a person will periodically yawn during the day,” the neurologist explained.

As the doctor noted, if a person suddenly starts yawning all the time during the day, it may indicate the presence of serious diseases.

For example, frequent yawning may occur in mental disorders associated with sleep disorders – neurosis, depression, and accompany heart failure. Golubinskaya emphasized that just yawning from lack of sleep or fatigue does not mean that it is time to see a doctor. However, if it appears against a background of some concomitant symptoms, it can already be dangerous. In this case, it is necessary to see a specialist to make a diagnosis and decide on the methods of treatment.

“There are associated phenomena: asthenia, decreased memory, impaired concentration, absent-mindedness, headaches, decreased mood, pressure fluctuations. Often autonomic symptoms prompt a person to yawn,” clarified the neuropsychologist.

The physician explained the phenomenon when a person begins to yawn when someone near him yawns by the presence of mirror neurons in the brain.

“They adjust to this picture and cause an appropriate reaction. If the reaction does not occur, that is, the brain does not mirror, this is also normal. Some people are better at visualizing an object, others are not,” she explained.