A new method for detecting the motion of superfluid fluids has been created

American researchers representing the Rochester Institute of Technology have proposed a new method for detecting the movement of superfluid fluids. This, citing the press service of the scientific institution, reports the publication Physical Review Letters.

The scientific team, led by Associate Professor Mishkat Bhattacharya presented a method that will reveal the potential of superfluid liquids as a superconductor that can operate at room temperature. The researchers first prepared a stable technology for producing superfluid fluids in gaseous, liquid, and solid media.

Recall, superfluidity is a special quantum form of matter existence, in which matter is devoid of friction. If you initiate a circular rotation of superfluid matter, this rotation will continue uninterruptedly. But here appears the problem associated with measuring the characteristics of the rotation – all existing methods of fixing violate the process and lead to its stopping.

To solve this problem, scientists applied the methods used to detect gravitational waves, which at one time were predicted theoretically by Albert Einstein and then discovered in reality. The detector of rotation was a laser beam that passes through superfluid matter – the light captures the modulation on the frequency of rotation, so that scientists can measure the speed of rotation.