A number of Republican senators opposed Trump’s impeachment

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Some Republican senators have spoken out against impeaching former U.S. President Donald Trump, Fox News reported Monday, Jan. 25.

For example, Senator Marco Rubio, on air on the channel, called the process “stupidity” that will harm the country. At the same time, he stressed that he believes Trump is responsible for the January 6 riots in Washington.

“I think the trial is stupidity. It’s counterproductive. We already have a fire burning in this country, and this trial is tantamount to taking it and pouring gasoline on that fire,” he said.

According to Rubio, there are “really important things in the country that need to be worked on.”

For his part, Republican Senator Tom Cotton said he doubted that the U.S. Senate had the constitutional authority to try Trump beyond the end of his presidential term.

Senator John Cornyn warned that if Democrats want to try a former Republican president, they should be prepared for the same process in the future, but against a Democratic president.

On Jan. 13, the U.S. House of Representatives voted to pass a resolution to impeach Trump for “sedition.” Pelosi signed the impeachment clause. If the Senate approves the impeachment resolution, the vote will prohibit Trump from running again.

Trump’s impeachment trial will begin in the Senate on February 8.