A police officer shot and killed a teenager in Maryland

A policeman fatally shot a 16-year-old boy in the U.S. state of Maryland. A law enforcement officer has been suspended and an investigation is underway, The Washington Post reported April 14.

According to a preliminary investigation, the St. Mary’s County police station first received two calls reporting a suspicious young man. They said the suspect was in possession of a knife and an object that looked like a gun.

According to a police spokesman, when officers arrived on the scene, the boy pointed the gun in his direction. The teen was shot first, and then the police officer fired a second time as the juvenile tried to get up while waving the knife around. The victim died at the hospital.

The shooter had been with the state police for two years and seven months and was placed on administrative leave pending an investigation. Both the victim and the police officer were white.

As it turned out, the teenager was holding a strikeball gun.

On April 13 in Tennessee, a student opened fire on officers at a Knoxville high school. The attacker was shot and killed. A day earlier, an unidentified man opened fire on people in the center of the American city of Seattle in Washington state, injuring several people.