A rare bird that is male and female at the same time was found

On September 24, in the American city of Rector, in the Powdermill Reserve, a rare bird was caught, which belongs to both female and male sexes. Specialists were checking the birds living in the reserve. In the process they managed to find an individual that has half male (pink) and half female (yellow) plumage.

That is, the division is strictly in the middle of the body. Such representatives are called ginandromorphs. They are often found among birds, insects, crabs and lobsters.

Scientists explain this rare phenomenon by the fact that a female mother had a dual-core egg instead of a single-core egg, so her fertilization occurred twice. As a result, the embryo received signs of both sexes.

However, due to the fact that such a phenomenon is rare in nature, experts can not yet determine how exactly behave ginandromorphic animals. They act as a male or female and whether they can produce offspring.

The experts intend to study and find out if the bird found by them can successfully reproduce. Usually, in such cases, only the left ovary works, and her left side is exactly female. So, it is possible to reproduce the individual. But the unusual plumage may scare away from courtship.