A rare butterfly Catocala fraxini as big as a bird was found in Chernobyl

In the Chernobyl Radiation and Ecological Biosphere Reserve was found a rare species of butterflies, which is comparable in size to a bird. This is stated in the message published on October 8 by the press service of the reserve on Facebook.

“The scientific department office was visited by an unexpected guest – a rare butterfly blue ribbon (Catocala fraxini). It is also called the blue ribbon of the Order. The butterfly is listed in the Red Book of Ukraine (vulnerable species),’ the report says.

It is noted that it is one of the largest representatives of butterflies, which live in Ukraine and Europe as a whole. The length of its front wing can reach 54 mm, and wingspan in flight – up to 110 mm.

The Reserve’s staff emphasized that Catocala fraxini is active at night and usually flies to the light.