A rooster killed a police officer in the Philippines

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Philippine police officer died during a raid on the organizers of the illegal cockfight.

This is reported by Al-Arabiya

Cockfighting is a popular but bloody sport on the archipelago, visitors put money on the outcome of the battle between two birds, which often fight to the death. In order to make the already bloody fights even more cruel, the bird owners often attach blades and spurs to the paws of “fighters”.

Battles have been banned along with other sports and cultural events during the coronavirus pandemic to prevent large crowds and prevent the spread of infection.

The incident occurred on Monday in the central province of North Samara. Lieutenant Christian Bolok picked up a rooster while collecting evidence of an illegal event.

A blade on a bird’s paw slit the femoral artery of a policeman, from which he bled out.

“I could not believe it when I was first informed about it. For the first time in 25 years of policing, I lost a man to a rooster spur,” said Provincial Police Chief Arnel Upood.

During a raid in San Jose, three men were arrested and two roosters were grabbed along with two sets of spurs.