A Russian neuroimplant will make it possible to return sight to the blind

The first Russian-made brain implant will make it possible for many blind people to regain their sight. The technology is suitable for people who have completely lost their vision (including those with missing eyes) but have visual experience and no brain damage

They said the “artificial vision” system consists of an internal part – an implant in the brain, and an external part – cameras and a microcomputer that converts video images into signals for the brain.

For patients who are completely blind, the system will help them distinguish light from darkness and see the silhouettes of people and objects. According to specialists working with blind people, even partial replenishment of visual functions opens up new opportunities for the visually impaired and makes life much easier for their relatives.

However, there is a long and difficult way to go until the project is fully realized. At the moment, elements of the system are being tested on rodents.

According to WHO, there are more than 161 million visually impaired and 37 million blind people in the world. About 300 thousand blind people live in Russia.

The project will be presented on June 2 at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.