A schoolboy who threatened to kill a teacher was detained in France

The police detained a student of one of the lyceums in French Metz who threatened to kill a teacher, armed with a knife. It was reported by TV channel BFMTV on March 12.

It is noted that the pupil went to the police himself and declared his intention to kill the teacher. The teenager was detained after that.

Sources in law enforcement agencies told that the incident had no terrorist or religious aspects. We are talking about a dispute between a teacher and a student.

Earlier, March 2, there was a shooting at the Watson Chapel High School in Pine Bluff, Arkansas, which resulted in the death of a 15-year-old schoolboy.

According to law enforcement officials, the shooter was apprehended, he was hiding behind a house next door to the school. He is described as a 15-year-old black male student at the same school. He has not been formally charged, and his motives for the attack are being investigated.