A strange type of glacier discovered on the Martian plain

Mysterious sinuous structures spotted on the flat plain of Arcadia Planitia on Mars are very reminiscent of the ice streams in the Antarctic ice sheets on Earth. If the discovery is confirmed, a scientific mission may be sent to this Martian region in the future.

The plain on Mars in question has already been the focus of NASA specialists, as it is well suited for landing spacecraft. If there is water ice under the surface of Arcadia Planitia, the Mars conquerors will have a good source of water.

“The Arcadia Planitia plain is located in the northern low-lying region of Mars, which was flattened by lava flows three billion years ago. The soil in this area, as shown by analysis from orbit, is rich in hydrogen, indicating the possible presence of a layer of water ice just below the surface. New evidence of ice is the strange structures found on the flat plain,” said Shannon Hibbard of the University of Western Ontario, lead author of the new study.

The scientist stressed that the mysterious structures on the Martian flat plain are very similar to similar formations on Earth’s glaciers in Antarctica. Arcadia Planitia thus becomes a very promising place for future research – in particular, for manned missions of NASA and SpaceX.