A third Russian plane with military medics flew to Serbia

The third Russian IL-76 aircraft with military doctors, epidemiologists and virologists flew to Serbia to help fight the coronavirus. This was reported in the Russian Defense Ministry on April 3.

“The third IL-76 aircraft of the military transport aviation of the All-Russian Air Force flew from Chkalovski airfield to the Republic of Serbia to help fight against the spread of coronavirus,” reads the report.

The Defense Ministry noted that there were epidemiologists, virologists and military doctors on board, as well as equipment for diagnosis and disinfection.

The Russian IL-76 should land on the airfield Batainica, 20 km from Belgrade.

Currently, according to Worldometer, 1171 cases of coronavirus infection have been recorded in Serbia, with 31 people dead and 42 more recovering.

Earlier this day, it was reported that the first IL-76 aircraft, with military specialists and equipment on board, flew from Russia to Serbia to help fight against coronavirus.

On 3 April, it was reported that, on the instructions of Russian President Vladimir Putin, an aviation group was created to help Serbia in the fight against coronavirus.

Personnel and equipment are planned to be moved by 11 aircraft of the Russian Air Force. A total of 87 servicemen, including doctors and virologists, as well as 16 pieces of military equipment, will be sent to Serbia.